How to Make Transparency Ornaments (with 2 videos!)


Ok, I'm officially obsessed with transparency ornaments! I've been making them like crazy for the past week and I think I've got all the kinks worked out finally, so I'll pass along some tips...

  • Plastic bulbs and glass bulbs are not the same shape. The bottom of the plastic ones have a little flatter area so the transparency sheets need to be a little oval to fit right. I'll share my templateĀ šŸ˜‰Ā P.S. Be prepared. You will drop and break a glass one. Plastic is a safer choice.
  • Cut your template 0.12" smaller (width) than the size of your bulb.
  • The cut settings I've found to work the best are 3-1-33-1.
  • I'veĀ started using Grafix Inkjet Transparency sheets off of Amazon. They all have scratches but you don't see them through the bulb. I've since found them at Hobby Lobby (of course haha) and they would be cheaper than Amazon if you use the coupon. I tried Fixxons sheets after someone told me about them and I'm obsessed! These turn out awesome! And the best part... the fact that they dry instantly so I donā€™t have to wait to cut them.
  • These were all printed with my cheap HP Inkjet Printer on the glossy photo setting.
  • You have to put something behind the transparency to have it show up well. Fake snow is a nightmare to get in there so I went with feathers. Cheap feathers from Walmart, cut smaller to fit.Ā 
  • Walmart's Buffalo Plaid ribbon isn't great and frays easily. Hobby Lobby has big rolls on sale in the Christmas section that is much nicer.
  • I made the bows and hot glued them to the metal part of the cap.Ā 
  • These ornaments are HARD to photograph! I got out my umbrella lights, Canon DSLR camera, and a polarizing lens filter to reduce the glare and it was still hard. So I tookĀ blank photos for mockups to make life easier for everyone else haha
  • I used a collection of my own photos or designs I offer here.

If I missed something, feel free to ask. Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favorĀ šŸ˜œ

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