Hi, I'm Debbie! Ya know, of Debbie Does Design 😉

I have been a graphic artist for 16 years. I pride myself in creating visually appealing art, both digital and traditional. I ended up getting involved in the family business at the age of 18. I became self-taught in web & graphic design, marketing, database management, photography, and all kinds of techie stuff. And somewhere along the way I ended up teaching cooking classes and recording their radio commercials. I guess you can say I dabbled in a little bit of everything. I went where I was needed and helped my parents grow our little business into something we were really proud of! Eventually I decided to go off on my own and started Debbie Does Design. I am still passionate about photography and may add some of my prints to my shop down the road. 

I live in Idaho with my boyfriend, Brent, and our three kids. Brent is an amazing artist and has joined me in our business ventures and helps draw amazing illustrations to be able to offer our customers to use for their business needs as well. We have a home office that allows us to do what we love while still being the best parents we can be.