Hi, I'm Debbie of Debbie Does Design 😉

I design full-time alongside my super talented husband, Brent. Between the two of us we have a wide range of graphic styles, from beautifully hand drawn farm animals (him... I can’t take credit there) to sassy cartoon characters with its middle fingers up (me 😂). I have been doing graphic design, marketing, and/or merchandising for 18yrs. I primarily use Illustrator, Photoshop, and Procreate. Brent’s expertise is in graffiti murals and pencil drawings, that he now does 90% of the time using his iPad. He still gets out his spray paint at least once a week for commissions, or for his own sanity. I also have lots of tutorial videos ranging from subbing shirts, painting wood signs, or creating mockups. We live in Idaho with our 3 kids, we fish every chance we get, and I have a shop full of every wood-crafty tool a girl can ask for and try to play in whenever I can. (I haven’t cut off any fingers yet, but I did lose a nail for an entire year using my table saw lol).

Anyway, I just felt like I'd better introducing myself somewhere for those of you that are just finding us! I’m not just here to push designs in your face. I try my very best to help with your sublimation, vinyl, wood, or otherwise crafty issues when I can. So please feel free to reach out if there’s anything you need!
❤️ Debbie & Brent Bee
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