All of our designs come with our Commercial License which allows you to use them for both personal and small business use on physical items/products. 

Acceptable Use:

  • Unlimited projects for yourself, family members, and friends.
  • Unlimited printing and selling physical products for your small business such as tee shirts, mugs, pillows, tumblers, keychains, etc. (Updated 11/5/21 to no limit, instead of previous 250 prints)
  • Making and selling sublimation transfers, screen print transfers, waterslides, etc. for your small business to sell to your own customers. (You can send the file to a reputable screen printer, as long as it is clear in their terms that the file will only be used for you, and not used or distributed to anyone else.)


I do require that your product images with our designs be watermarked. There are too many people out there who try to steal designs, and without a watermark, it just makes it too easy for them. Please put a watermark over all designs and never upload any version of the design to any platform in a higher resolution than 72dpi, so if someone does try to steal and print the design, as least the quality is poor. 

The only exception I have to this rule, is if you have a photo of the design on a physical product (or premium mockup) where the entire design isn't showing or it's distorted in a way that would make extracting the original design impossible. For example, hair is covering part of the design, folds in the shirt are cutting parts of the design off, photo of person wearing the shirt is at an angle so part of the design cannot be seen or is not legible, design is being shown in video at an angle or otherwise not ideal for someone to try to steal, etc. 

Non-acceptable Use:

  • Sharing the design anywhere in its full high resolution form.
  • Sharing the design anywhere without a watermark to protect it.
  • Distributing files downloaded/purchased from us in any manner, including: selling, giving away for free, or as part of a package of products. This includes Facebook groups and Google Drives. You can share the links to the products to purchase, but not the actual files themselves. 
  • Creating ANY FORM of digital product to sell/distribute which consists of ANY element downloaded/purchased from us (with the exception of design elements, see details below).
  • Allowing more than one user to use items downloaded/purchased from us to make projects for personal or commercial use. (With the exception of sending the file to a reputable printer to be printed for you and only you.)
  • Modifying a design into a new design to avoid purchasing another design. For example, cropping out my text to add your own. Please purchase the standalone element if you want to make versions with your own text. Also, we do use purchased licensed artwork to use in some designs. We are not allowed to sell the standalone elements. Removing text or other elements could break license terms of the artwork we purchased. If you want the element alone, and we don't offer it alone, that is probably why. But feel free to ask if you are interested and don't see it. We can tell you for sure if that's why, or list the element alone for you to purchase (if it's ours to sell).
  • Designs MAY NOT be used on mass production runs of merchandise. Mass production refers to 999+ prints in one production run. If you have questions about mass production, please contact us.

Added 11/1/22: To clarify, "mass production" is referring to large retail stores or websites. If your business/store/company/website/shop generates more than one million dollars in revenue in one year, you are not considered a small business. These designs are made exclusively for small businesses. If your small business starts booming, congratulations! Please contact us for special approval. Approval is not guaranteed, and only granted on a case by case basis. 

  • Designs MAY NOT be sold on any platform that does not allow you to watermark them, such as Amazon Handmade, Amazon Merch, and TikTok Shop. 
  • Designs MAY NOT be sold on any POD/third party fulfillment platform, such as Zazzle, RedBubble, Cafepress, or Amazon Merch.
  • Using Printful or Printify to sell on your own website is ok, just make sure you watermark your images before listing them online. Their provided mockups are not watermarked. You must add watermarks or create your own product images with watermarks. Per Etsy’s Term of Use, POD is not allowed unless the designs are your own. 

Design Elements:

  • Only products within the Design Elements Category, or labeled with the words "Design Elements" in the title, CAN BE USED IN DIGITAL DESIGNS. If they are not in the Design Element Category, then the main rules apply and they cannot be used in new digitals. 
  • Design Elements cannot be sold digitally as-is. They must be combined with other elements and/or text to be transformed into something new. For example, adding text, a background, and other elements to create something new, like flowers or a frame.
  • My elements as a whole must make up less than half of the new overall design, even if my elements you’re using were sold in separate products. Your new design cannot be made up completely from our artwork. Mix artwork from other sources to create something unique and your own. 
  • They must be layered with the new elements or cropped in a way that the original element cannot be easily extracted from the new design. Meaning, cropped into new shapes, layered with text or flowers, etc.
  • They must be flattened so it cannot be extracted by the end user after purchasing, meaning you can't sell an editable file like an AI or PSD file where the original element is on it's own layer for the end user to open and pull it out. PNG file and JPG files are flattened and the preferred file type to use.

Product Images to Gauge Interest:

You MAY use my product images/mockups to share with your customers to gauge interest of a design. I ask that you keep my branding on the photo so the images are not stolen and passed around. But you may not use my photos for your actual product images. Only to share with customers as examples (your Facebook page or group is allowed). If you want to actually sell items on Etsy, your own website, etc. please use your own photo or mockup (and make sure to watermark it).


If you have any questions about our terms of use, please feel free to contact me I won't bite, I promise 😉
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