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You must be a member of the group to qualify. Join the group to watch for the announcement.)

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  • Help and support for GlowForge, sublimation, Silhouette/Cricut crafts, wood crafts, product design, marketing help, and more!
  • Get updates about new releases and promotions from Debbie Does Design and other resources around the web.
  • Join a helpful & positive community of your peers to bounce ideas off of, make new friends, and get inspiration for new projects.
  • Stay in the loop about future giveaways and sales. Giveaways in the past have been GlowForges, Wacom drawing pads, Sublimation Printers, Silhouette Cameos, gift cards, blanks, and more! 
  • Access to free engagement graphics in the group albums.
  • Access to group learning tools & exclusive videos that don't get posted anywhere else.
  • A well rounded group of admins that specialize in sublimation, tee shirts, epoxy tumblers, wood crafts, stickers, laser cutters (not just GlowForge), marketing, graphic design, web design, shopify, computer programming, digital art, and traditional art.
  • Paid staff to help manage the group and offer customer service.
Still not sure? See what members are saying about the group!
"You are one of my favorites and you have the best followers. So nice and peaceful here." - Rhonda H.

"Love this group. Debbie you are amazing." - Sheryl B.

"Thanks. I love your updates and letting us into your design process. You are so real. Thanks!" - Heidi P.

"You are one of maybe 4 groups I actually made sure all notifications is on for 😂" - Jennifer R.

"Lol!! I love you, Queen Bee!! You crack me up something fierce." - Sarah C.

"Glad I’m in here, your designs but really your sense of humour is the Bees Knees!" - Julie B.

"I've learned more about subbing and designing in here than ANY other group hands down... everyone can be themselves and not get belittled." - Wendy B.

"This is my best facebook group of all time!" - Mitzi B.

"Love this group! It’s definitely an inspiration!!" - Chrissy A.

"Your work and your group are FANtastic!! I'm a Triple D fan4lyfe 😁😉" - Gina M.

"Love this group as well. Debbie Does Designs has great content." - Liz P.

"Ingenious post! Thanks." - Mary S.

"Thank you Debbie Bee! You have just helped with what these algorithms have done to my mental health. This may make it weird now but it is what it is. I flippen love the shizz out of you." - Candie B.

"You've inspired me to start drawing again!" - Genny S.

"I love following along with your group. It’s fun!!" - Linda S.

"I LOVE it here. I get daily inspiration!" - Alilonia J.

"❤️ this group so much just started sublimation and hope to be able to share some projects . Thanks for all you do👏" - Roberta B.

 "Best post I've seen in awhile. I'm still laughing as I type this. Great engagement idea.😂" - Kelli D.

"love the group and all i learn from it" - Janell N.

"Hey you! Because of you, I learned so much!" - Bonnie C.

"You're awesome!!! Love what you do and thanks for sharing your talent!!" - Kristen T.

"I wish I could just plug into your brain and know everything you know! That would be so much easier 🥰" - Arleen H.

"OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Girl, this will help me so so much. 😮 Thank you!" - Nancy D.

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