Enter to win in 2 easy steps!

 STEP ONE:   Join Debbie Does Design Groupies Facebook Group. Name drawn will be checked to verify group membership. If the name drawn is not in the group, a new winner will be drawn. (If your Facebook profile name isn’t your real name, enter your Facebook profile name in the provided box so I can find you.)

 STEP TWO:   Fill out entry form below: 


You can only enter once. If you feel you made an error during submission you can fill out the form again without issues. It will only count it once. All entries will be closed on Sunday 4/3/22 at 11:59pm MT.  The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday 4/4/22 in Debbie Does Design Groupies.

Winner will receive one GlowForge Basic. Shipping and taxes will be covered within the US and the UK. Entries are open to all locations GlowForge ships. If you live outside the US or the UK (where they have distribution centers) additional shipping and tax charges beyond the $425 value already covered by Debbie Does Design (such as extra shipping charges, duties, and taxes for your country) will be the winner's responsibility. You must verify your agreement to those terms in order to enter.

Debbie Does Design is an independent affiliate of GlowForge. Any shipping or product issues after your purchase will need to be handled with GlowForge directly. For more information on GlowForge's shipping policies, see their Shipping FAQ's here.

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