DIY Laminated Mental Health Awareness Stickers



After hearing several tragic stories this week happening at another school, I decided to make stickers for the kids yesterday. I was recording my steps because I was trying something new, but in the end, I felt like I needed to share this message alongside the little craft idea. Yes, this is personal for me, and is outside my comfort zone for sure. But I felt like someone needed to hear it out loud 🖤


Supplies used:

I also realized that this sticker set is super girly. So I made another color option that is more gender neutral, and because I couldn’t resist, a leopard version.

Cut settings I eventually figured out:

  • Blade Depth: 8
  • Force: 24
  • Passes: 3
  • Speed: 4

Print and Cut did not like the glare on the registration marks. If you cut the laminate off the corners before laminating, that will save you some frustration. I had to “manually” register it every time to get it to work. I can’t make any promises that all laminating sheets will stick to the paper like these did. When I was trying to find cut settings, the tutorials I found said they peel off if there’s not an edge around it to seal itself to. But I decided to give it a shot, and mine worked. Another alternative is to layer some clear vinyl over the sticker sheet prior to cutting. I didn’t have any on hand to use that method.


For those of you that have already bought the Mega Awareness Fundraiser Bundle, these new files have been added for free. Just log into your account to download them. I separated them into their own folder so they’re easy to find which ones are new to download. You also should have received an email with a link last night. (Bundle ends on 2/11/22)

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